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Oh, Okay, you and your husband can come to my house Sunday for a Super Bowl Party.

I don't know a thing about football except touchdown and the half time show.  This year it is with Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and someone else.....?🙂

No, it's the food for the week 🍊🍏🥩


Love it! Are you getting ready for a party?


The Never Aging Brad❤

Oh Thank You, I'll be there 😁

I am preparing an apple cake. Do you want to come to eat? You are invited 🤗


Hey Gema, Whatcha Making?  👀🎂

Caught you smiley

This is a sick picture 🤘🔥💥

Love Thisheart

Ut Oh lol devil

You are very generous, thank you laugh

You can take what you need laugh

Oh Noooo, There's more than One!!! 

Beautiful Smile too laugh

Yes Gema the weekend is coming.  A little R&R wink


Love it!

Cute smiley

Giving out money, very sweet of you.  I'll take a few of those.  Haven't gone shopping in awhile. smiley

We We We Sharooon We We We laugh

I like to know a little of everything laugh

And a Cheerleader too, Wow Gema you sure have many talents yes

You appear to be very studious smiley

Are you just  hanging out, cute one smiley

Well isn't that nice and cozy smiley