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Tyki Mikk is Bae X3 there's a third season out called D.Gray Man Hallow <3

That is so funny, love him laugh


lonewolf6738 is the author of this image smiley

This avatar was made by deridder45 smiley

Thanks for your comments and i using this avatar smiley

So sick bro smiley

I love this avatar smiley

Thanks for submit one of my wallpaper smiley

So Awesome, love this laugh

This avatar is from a wallpaper created by TheElite115, please click on the link to see the original wallpaper.

Original Wallpaper Here


I remember this show it was so funny laugh

That was a long time ago smiley

It's fantastic!!!!!!

Very beautiful

its pikachu!!!!!!!!!!

yesI hope you like ityes


Saw the movie an loved BB-8 smiley

Just so cool!

Just a good Anime!!


Eu gostei desta avatar logo de cara, porque sou fã do jogo Good Wars.

So cute! Apofiss should be given credit for creating this picture.

PINK FLOYD what else needs to be said .



you know it makes sense

Eye see.

Very funny lonewolf laugh

Boba Fett, just one of my favorite characters in the star wars sagas smiley 1F

Another great avatar AS, this one's cool cool1F