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Ooooo Evil, I like it!🙂

She is Meryl Streep. Rightly the face of her reminded me of someone!

She's always been such a great actress.

Hugs to the World 👍




Nice close up

Ya I think its what they call a Chibi, a specific style of caricature where characters are drawn in an exaggerated way: small and chubby, with stubby limbs and oversized heads.🙂

Cool One!  but I also have to laugh at the short body, I don't know it just strikes me as funny.


it is the best i personally love it

Too Cute🙂


gostei de mais dos papel de parede

Awesome 👍

I'm a bit like tenma, except instead of playing mmo's I watch anime all day

Love snowy owls♥♥♥♥♥



He is cute, thanks for the fave 🙂

This is so cute🙂

Love this avatar whoever made it deserves major credit! 🙏🏻

Pretty Colors

Ya, his "not happy Jan"😛

That is an expression we use here, it came from a add on TV a long time ago😃

He is definitely mad....

Incredible how this duckling dances if you put music 😂🤣🎵🎶

this one is s=awesome

cool bro