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He is just so cute🙂

He is beautiful 👍

Its a mutiny !!😃

Art by Bezazz Deviantaet

Lol, you, that's what Moms and Dads are for😃

Yeah I love the Ninja Turtles too😃

Yeah I watched it too, I think it was very popular😃

I have to admit I like their music too 😉

This is one of my all time favorite images, love it ❤👍

Its batman doing the batusi 😃

So cute, love him ❤

Me too, didn't know there was a comic as well 🙂

R5-D4 was sold to Uncle Owen by the Jawas it broke down with a bad motivator, allowing R2-D2 to steal the spotlight 🙂

From Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

An old classic 👍


I have a stray cat at my place and I named him Felix so I have to fave this 😃

I love it, nice upload Ocelot079 👍

That is so funny, love him 😃

lonewolf6738 is the author of this image 🙂

This avatar was made by deridder45 🙂

So Awesome, love this 😃

This avatar is from a wallpaper created by TheElite115, please click on the link to see the original wallpaper.

Original Wallpaper Here

I remember this show it was so funny 😃

That was a long time ago 🙂

Saw the movie an loved BB-8 🙂

Boba Fett, just one of my favorite characters in the star wars sagas 🙂 1F

Another great avatar AS, this one's cool 😎1F

MERRY CHRISTMAS AlphaSystem ! 1F 🙂

This is perfect for me "confused wolf" lolz :P

This looks so cool, I like it 🙂

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, Say no more !! Cute 😉1F

An old but wise wolf ! Just like me :P ❤1F

I just love the look of the mask from Zelda, awesome, makes a great avatar ❤1F

COOL ! Where do I sign up 😃