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Cool and Great color!

Love everything Mortal Kombat!

Classic Movie


It's an avatar. I didn't design it for any particular website. If you want to USE it on facebook, go ahead, but don't tell me where to put my work.

This image, for avatar use, is an illustration (i.e., ARTWORK) and thus will NOT be moved by me to another category. Thanks.

Hahahah i love it 



So Cute🙂




Good. Cool. Amazing 😁

Great Coach!



The end is only the Beginning!


Credits to me. I made this and was cropped by this person.🙂

Reminds me of Tanjiro from Demon slayer. Really cool

This is really freking cool, I really like it.


Pretty good!


Real Nice One

Oh Boy, Friday must be nearby 😃

Oh yes the soccer😃

Well we can't subscribe to all of them unfortunately but at least you have your soccer which I know you love😃


It's good so far.  We subscribe to Paramont + because Italian Soccer is only shown on that channel.  We hate paying for TV.  I don't have Netflix and I would have liked to see Bridgerton which is airing on Netflix from one of my favorite writers Julia Quinn so I went and bought the series and Prequel from a secondhand book store. .


I wanted to watch this but its on Paramount+ so I cant😟

I'm liking this series🙂

As an artist I enjoy downloading prints or wallpapers like this