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This is so cute, I wear my hair like that sometimes🙂



Love it!

Tell him I said great job and keep up the good work 👍😀

Actually, this avatar was made by my 8 year old nephew Diego. He's come out as creative as your aunt 


hay đấy

I love this cate gif and have used it a long while I have even been asked for it's link.GG

Make me an offer I can't refuse

Love that avatar 


Princess Gema


So Lovely

You are correct, I never watched the show. 😝  

You obviously never watched the show, he's more doughnuts & whisky😃

Shouldn't he be eating carrots or sugar cubes? 😲

Don't Leave Juve 😢



Sweet one

I won't lose my mind but do you know how many times i've lost the top of my ice cream in my ice cream cone when I was a kid 😲

Yeah Snow 😃❄

Come on 🏀



Let's shoot some hoops 🏀

Love it!🙂